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Pi network | free mining on your phone | full detail | Earn free money | No investment at all |

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Pi network | free mining on your phone | full detail | Earn free money | No investment at all |


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First of all i want to clear some things-
1) it is not free money
2) This is not for you if you want to earn money fast.

Now about the opportunity. As i said you dont have to sell anything, you dont have to buy anything and believe me you dont have to do anything.

All I want is you to trust me.

We all know about cryptocurrency. Generally you need to buy them or mine them which requires fast internet, powerful hardware and 100 more shits. But a cryptocurrency was launched by Stanford PhDs on 14/3/19 called the Pi Network. Basically you can mine it by just installing the app and keeping it on your phone. I assure you there are no Ads, no battery drainage, no data consumption nothing but just a 10mb space of your device. Thats it! Basically if you may know any currency when launched needs to be distributed among people so that they can use it. This is exactly what Pi Network is doing. All you need to do is install the app register yourself and boom you start mining at the rate of 0.25pi/hr. Now if you calculate that , it makes you 6pi a day. The value of 1 Pi coin today is $0.36 so congrats you made around ₹ 159.84 for doing nothing. But this isn’t what you call a business opportunity. Is it? So when you join you are at the pioneer level and to increase your mining rate, all you need to do is add more active users into your network. You get 0.05 pi/hr for one person so if you manage out 10 devices, it makes you 0.5pi/hour. Now everyday you make around 12 pi which means around ₹319.68 for doing a little work. Now to keep earning you just need to check in every 24 hours into app so that the app knows that you are active because thats when its price will rise. This will take 5 minutes. Ask yourself 5 minutes a day and I make ₹319.68. Isn’t it fucking awesome!? Now coming to the withdrawal part. You cannot withdraw any coin until the network is on phase 3. Currently, the network has 5 million users and it is in phase 2. Another 1 year and you can withdraw your earnings. Now according to changelly.com , the price of pi might rise upto $5 by 2025. So lets calculate how much money would you make . If you have a network of 10 devices , you are earning 12pi/day. Which means after 5 years, you will be having 21,924 coins! And when you find out its amount, its 109,620 $ which in rupees is ₹81,11,880. This much money for working just 5 minutes a day! Isn’t it amazing? Hell yeah it is! So for registering, you need to opt for Facebook because currently it is not accepting Indian phone numbers. Also , for registration you must enter a referral code because its an invite only platform. So enter “mayurx3” as your referral code and boom start earning!

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